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Tras un grupo de limícolas, un día de invierno. Foto: José Luis Calleiras.Ultimando detalles. Pasaron varias horas hasta que pudimos fotografiar al Mirlo acuáticoA veces es necesario andar varios km. Hasta llegar al lugar elegido. Foto: Xavier Arauxo “Casca”.Hide de silla. Cómodo y fácil de montar. Foto: Xavier Arauxo “Casca”.Montando el hide para fotografiar Tarabillas. Foto: Xavier Arauxo “Casca”. En una marisma se puede fografiar a una gran cantidad de especies. Foto: José Luis Calleiras.

José Antonio Acuña (Luma)

Vilaboa - Pontevedra (Galicia) - España

This page results from the author’s passion for nature and, especially, from the beauty Galicia represents to all of us. This passion was inherited from his father, a genuine lover of the countrylife, who showed him to appreciate the greatness of animals and plants.

Besides this innocent and pure attitude, the author, as many other men of his generation (he was born in 1971), took the famous documentalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente as a model, and imitated his scientific method, based on observation and patience.
In the end, both influences are evident in the author’s photographs, which aim at catching the moment with art and spontaneity.

His passion for photography resulted in several collaborations with Adela Leiro and Mon Daporta in the last years. We could mention their books about Galician nature, published by A Nosa Terra, “Espazos naturais de Galicia”, “Montañas de Galicia”, “Ríos de Galicia”, “A costa de Galicia”. He has also published several nature photographs and articles in the magazine “Caza Galega”, and organised an exhibition, “Natureza Galega”, which was held in several gallician´s cities . In 1991 he became a member of AEFONA (Spanish Association of Nature Photographers, in Spanish). or in

Fernando Tomé



“ Ti dis: Galiza é ben pequena. Eu dígoche: Galiza é un

“ You say Galicia is small.... My answer is that Galicia is a
  whole world! “

Vicente Risco


A close world, though unknown, where all shapes and colours are possible, and where landscapes are transformed and enriched by hours, seasons and time passing by.
A world which offers a complex and diverse environment, which includes a great number of autochthonousspecies and also others yet unknown to the vast public, and which maybe hides a well-kept secret!
This whole world and environment will soon become familiar and real to you, given the contribution of a patient and passionate lover of this country and nature.

Adela Leiro and Mon Daporta


Dedicated to:

My wife, Rosa, and my children, Pablo and Sabela, for having changed my point of view about so many things.
My parents, because I owe them everything I am.


Special thanks to:

Novosmedios (Web Design)
Luar na Lubre (Music)
Eva Lastra (English translation)
Adela Leiro y Mon Daporta (Thoughts)
Fernando Tomé (Author Profile)

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